Water activity (aW), the unrelated amount of water in any product, is one of the main parameters in determining the quality and safety of products consumed in everyday life.

The activity of water affects the shelf life, texture, safety of use and other consumer characteristics of products.
water activity
The principle of operation of the water activity analyzer is to use a dielectric humidity sensor to determine the activity of water.
In analyzers using this principle of operation, one porous polymer is placed between two porous electrodes of a sealed chamber.

The electrical properties of the polymer vary depending on the relative humidity of the chamber. The electrodes provide a signal based on the relative humidity in the closed chamber.
This signal is then converted by the software and displayed on the analyzer screen as the water activity value.
In the equilibrium state, the relative humidity of the air in the chamber is equal to the value of the water activity of the sample.
Portable water activity meter
Grab and go:

Designed for government inspectors and third-party auditors, the battery-
operated portable PAWKIT water activity meter is perfect for water activity spot
checks on the go.

How it works:

To make a measurement, flip back the sensor cover and fit the PAWKIT over a
standard AQUALAB sample cup. Push the button for a water activity reading in 5

Portable water activity:

The 3.5 x 4 inch PAWKIT weighs just 4 ounces and is designed to fit in a lab coat
pocket. It runs on two coin cell batteries that last up to 3 years under normal
use. It has an easy two-point calibration using AQUALAB standards.

The PAWKIT is designed to make readings where a bench top meter is not
practical. Its small size and battery power deliver the ultimate in portability, but
limit the PAWKIT’s accuracy (± 0.02 aw) due to its capacitance sensor and lack oftemperature control .

The PAWKIT portable water activity meter should only be used in situations
where a higher accuracy reading is not critical to ensure or document safety and quality.
This analyzer is an easy-to-use, portable and high-speed (getting results in 5 minutes and faster) water activity measurement system. The results obtained are very accurate (accuracy ± 0.003 aw).
The analyzer does not require complex maintenance and calibration.

In contrast model Aqualab 4, the analyzer has an internal temperature control range from 15 to 50 °C. Since water activity depends on temperature, AquaLab 4TE will allow you to control the temperature of the sample to make more accurate measurements of water activity.
Accurate and reliable
water activity meter
Fast. Precise. First.
AQUALAB water activity meters are
precision at its finest, leading the market in speed and

Speed and accuracy.
The AQUALAB 4TE water activity meter can measure water
activity (aw) in 5 minutes or less with ±0.003 accuracy. AQUALAB
instruments are the fastest, most precise water activity meters

Measure anywhere

Get lab-quality water activity (aw)measurements no matter what
step of your process, thanks to the 4TE's rugged hardware and
internal temperature control. At the line, receiving dock,
processing plant, storage facility, or even outside the quality
control lab - anywhere you need to test and verify the safety and
quality of your products.

The secret to the 4TE’s speed and accuracy is in its
unique chilled mirror dew point sensor. The dew point
sensor is a primary measure of water activity. Unlike other
water activity sensors, the dew point sensor measures
water activity directly, not secondary parameters
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