The engineers of the Meter Group have developed a device for measuring the thermophysical parameters of Tempos materials, taking into account the disadvantages of solutions already available on the market. For example, compact sensors are fragile and contact resistance occurs during their operation. Measurement on large devices, using expensive stationary methods such as the insulated hot plate method, requires prolonged heating, which leads to distortion of the results.
Thermal Properties Analyzer
There’s never been a thermal properties analyzer that gives accurate measurements under all conditions.
Small sensors are fragile and face contact resistance. Large sensors and high-priced, steady-state methods, require long heat times, which drive moisture away from the sensor and alter the reading. Alternativeinstruments use one standard equation without making any adjustments for real-world conditions—plus they’re bulky and expensive. There’s simply been no convenient or affordable way to measure accurately. Until now.

  • High accuracy, thanks to optimized algorithms
  • Measurement in 1 minute
  • Budget measurement of thermal conductivity and heat capacity
  • Compliance with ASTM 5334 and IEEE 442
  • Controlled heating ensures the constancy of the supplied heat
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Quick menu navigation and easy access to settings
  • Clear display of settings and test results
  • Data transmission via miniUSB cable
  • Automatic detection of the connected sensor, visual display of heating
  • Increased battery life
  • Durable, ergonomic body
  • Portability: can be used not only in the laboratory, but also in the field
  • Accurate measurement in wet and frozen materials
  • A short heating period avoids the movement of moisture
  • Measuring the thermal conductivity of a large number of liquids
  • Robust probe probes minimize the chance of breakage
  • Different probes have been developed for different materials
  • Automatic correction of linear temperature drift
  • Temperature resolution ±0.001 ◦C
For over a quarter century, thousands of scientists and engineers have relied on our thermal properties analyzer for measuring almost anything—and we mean anything. We’ve even partnered with NASA to measure on Mars. Wherever you measure, and whatever you’re measuring, rely on the TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer for accuracy, affordability, and simplicity that will make your thermal properties measurements easier.
The new TEMPOS is different. We’ve ripped up everything in our thermal properties analyzer and reinvented it from the ground up to give you higher accuracy in much less time, at a price you can afford.

How? Accurate thermal properties measurements have always been about complex mathematics. Recent scientific breakthroughs in how these complex equations are solved have enabled not only higher accuracy, but also allowed us to calibrate using significantly improved data sets—making this instrument more accurate than any other in its class.

Not only that, improved proprietary algorithms enable the TEMPOS to make these measurements with an incredible one-minute read time (versus the usual 10 to15 min).
Operating conditions (controller):
Overall dimensions:
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